How Much Do The Dallas Cowboys Make?

Every wonder how much NFL football team, players and coaches make?  We’ve done some research into one of the top teams in the league – the Dallas Cowboys.  These guys have been doing quite well so far.  They’ve won five Super Bowls and participated in eight.  As of 2015, the team became the most valuable sports team in the U.S., generating $620 million in revenue.  The team is currently worth $4 billion.


Now, we know how much the team makes, but how much does its players and coaches make every year?  Let’s get a peek at the inside scoop at some of the country’s top NFL players.

Tony Romo – This quarterback makes a salary of $18 million a year.  He’s expected to make $108 million during his 6 year contract with a guaranteed salary of $55 million.

Tyron Smith – The left tackle for the Cowboys makes over $12 million each year.  He has an 8 year contract worth close to $98 million.  He’s guaranteed at least $22 million.

Dez Bryant – This wide receiver makes $14 million a year.  His 5 year contract guarantees him at least $45 million, but he can make up to $70 million.

Brandon Carr – The corner back makes over $10 million each year.  His 5 year contract should land him a measly $50 million with a guarantee of $26.5 million.  Compared to the others, I’d say his salary is alright.

Not too shabby for a football player right?  Thinking of switching careers?  Think again.  These guys train day to night, 7 days a week.  They get injured, beaten up, and put back together monthly.  The money definitely help with that, I bet!